Ideals of Elkdom

The Order of Elks is an organization of American citizens who love their country and desire to preserve its cherished institutions; who love the joyousness of life and endeavor to contribute to it, as well as to share it.

The Order questions no man's religion; nor bars him on account of his creed. It is not concerned with one's political affiliations. And it does not permit either religion or politics to be injected into, or to have any effect upon, its fraternal deliberations, national or local.

It lures no man to its doors by any promised material benefits which might appeal to his self interest. It pledges no support to the furtherance of personal ambitions. It has no insurance feature to appeal to one's sense of economy. It is beneficent, not merely benevolent, and believes that doing good is better than merely being good. It teaches that it is nobler to serve than to be served, that laughter is better than tears, and kind word more potent that a frown; and that life is all the sweeter for a song.

It therefore seeks to draw into its fraternal circle only those who delight in wholesome associations with congenial companions; who are deeply imbued with the spirit of patriotic loyalty and devotion; who recognize the obligations of human brotherhood; and who desire, without the fanfare of the trumpets of publicity, to share with their associates in the endeavor to feed the hungry, to shelter the homeless, to relieve those in distress, and to prove themselves true friends to all in need.

With such a membership, holding such ideals, the Order has grown from a modest but purposeful group of organizers into a great and powerful fraternity, whose patriotic service have won for it a high place in national esteem and whose benefactors have smoothed the pathway of countless thousands.

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